Available courses

EO-Based Natural Habitat Monitoring and Assessment

The aim of this course is to give the participants a theoretical and practical understanding of the utilization of Earth Observation Data for Natural Habitats monitoring and assessment. The participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills of utilizing the eStation2 Application in performing spatial and temporal analysis leading to the generation of policy and decision-making products including maps, charts, graphs, and statistics for protected area management and conservation.

Teacher: Thomas Enuru

GIS, Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Theories and Principles

Presently, remote sensing datasets available from various earth-orbiting satellites are being used extensively in various domains including in civil engineering, water resources, earth sciences, transportation engineering, navigation, etc.
This is an introductory course with no pre-requisites and is designed for professionals with little to no knowledge of GIS and remote sensing. These courses are designed for working professionals and are taught in an online format. The course introduces the participant to the principles of GIS and satellite-based Remote Sensing technology for earth observation and their application for environmental sustainability and food security
Teacher: Thomas Enuru

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